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The Feminist Strike continues to promote an intersectional, inclusive and class struggle feminism. As a national movement, it is making a number of concrete, urgent and necessary demands to promote change to the patriarchal and capitalist system. On 14 June, every person, group and collective taking part in the mobilisation will be putting forward their own demands, just like those we have been making since the beginning of the movement in 2019.

The manifesto in English (Done)

Das Manifest auf Deutsch (Done)

Il manifesto in italiano (Done)

Manifesta bi kurdî veşêre (Done)

Το μανιφέστο Greck (Done)

Маніфест українською мовою (Done)

O manifesto em português (Done)

El manifiesto en español (Done)

Kopyasi manifestosu Türkçe (Done)

اعلامیه را به فارسی ترجمه کنید. (Done)

ترجمة البيان إلى العربية: "البيان باللغة العربية" (Done)

한국어 매니페스트 (Done)

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